The moment you purchase a video security system is the moment where you’ll probably look back on as the best that ever happened to your home security system. It’s one thing to have alarms on all your doors and windows and electronic door locks, but it’s quite another to have constant video surveillance of your property. cameras-157034738To be able to monitor every nook and cranny, every entrance, every space of the yard with a few cameras would be to make the rest of your security system seem unnecessary for one reason: you can catch an intruder on video. Having video evidence of something is a compelling piece of evidence in a court of law if burglary of your home ever takes you that far. So how is it that a video security system accomplishes its purpose of blowing every other security device out of the water? It’s the perfect combination of a few key parts: cameras, monitor, and recording ability.

The Cameras

The cameras you’ll find for home video security systems are big, small, black, white, HD, cheap image quality, you name it. You have to sift among the chaff for the golden wheat of the camera that you want for your home. Chances are pretty good that you’ll want a variety of camera types to run your video security surveillance system. You’ll probably get your eye caught on the pan tilt zoom camera, which can move around to capture images from a variety of directions and zoom in nice and close for the intruder’s mugshot. Just remember that as awesome as those cameras are, they’re very expensive. You might be better off with a few more affordable options – perhaps a few smoked dome cameras placed near your perimeter doors or any large windows. Those are great in the outdoors and can capture a decent quality image. You can also buy devices with hidden cameras, like clocks with a camera hidden inside or smoke detectors so that they serve the dual purpose of home security and whatever else the device is meant to do.

The Monitor

Somewhere with the system you’ll have a monitor that you can watch. This is where all the camera feeds will go into so that you can review and see any images of value. A lot of homeowners will have remote access monitoring that they can use to remotely view their monitor feed on their cell phones on the go. This includes previous footage and live streaming.

The Recording Ability

19-08-5Without the recording ability, the video system wouldn’t have any feed to send to the monitor and there’d be no point to capturing footage on video. Whether it’s an SD card or DVR or some other recording ability, your system will have something that’ll allow you to record and capture what’s going on so that you can refer to it later if you need to.

No video security system would be complete without these parts all working together. And once you’ve purchased them all and installed them for your home, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief that now you can finally keep an eye on everything with the use of your security cameras.