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What are home security devices and sensors? These little beauties are the parts of your home security system that will keep your home secure. All the parts of the system will play some role, of course, but the most important thing is that your home security products are accomplishing the task of keeping eyes on everything, keeping ears on everything, and helping you to deter and detect any sign of danger, housebreaking, home invasion, house fires, floods, carbon monoxide, etc. So if you want to learn the whosits and whatsits of home security devices and sensors, here’s a little bit of information about the kinds of sensors you’ll find for your home security system.

Emergency Alarms

file4641265748939Fire alarms are chief among emergency alarms. Required by law in every home for quite a while now, fire alarms are there to detect smoke or flames when they arise. Ionization alarms are great for helping to detect the presence of flaming fires whereas photoelectric alarms are better able to detect smoky, smoldering fires, so a combination of both is ideal.

Flood sensors are less common but just as necessary. You never know when a pipe might break or the septic tank might encounter a problem and there’s water puddling and seeping all over, causing all kinds of problems and damages. With water sensors, you can be warned in time to get it taken care of.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm 136249901Carbon monoxide alarms are increasingly essential and also increasingly required by law in homes all over. These are the sensors that protect you from poisoning of the gas that we humans can’t detect but which can cause a number of serious health problems, including death.

Intruder Alerts

Security lighting may or may not be used to set off an alarm, but it’s a good deterring device for warding off intruders. With lights well-spaced around your property, there will be no pockets of darkness where they can hide to avoid detection, so they’re going to be less likely to try to break in.

garage-door-sensorGarage door alarms give you the comfort of knowing that if your garage door is opened – the largest single entry point into your house – you’ll be contacted by your security system and you can go close it.

Window and door sensors are there to prevent people from getting into your house without you knowing it. They have a sensor on the frame that is magnetically bound to a sensor on the door or window, so when it is opened after the alarm system has been activated for the night or while you’re gone, the sensors are demagnetized and the alarm system is triggered.

Glass break sensors can sense the sound and sensation of glass breaking. Place them on a few windows around your property and you’ll find that nobody will be able to break a window to get inside without you knowing it.

Video surveillance is one of the most popular ways to alert you to the presence of intruders. From pan tilt zoom cameras to patio clock hidden cameras, you can keep eyes on everything so that nobody can get away with trying to sneak into your home.

From here to there, from there to here, home security devices are everywhere for you to see. Have some fun piecing together the parts that’ll make your security system tick and keep the home as secure as it should be.