Nothing in this world is without history, and in a city as ripe with rich history as New York, it’s only fitting to celebrate a little history of home security systems. Home security has progressed from the basic door lock in B.C. times to high quality video surveillance with smartphone locks, motion sensors, glass break sensors, and even more novelties in homes all over the country today. Each of these devices has come along the way, inspired by the brilliance and ideas of past minds working to keep homes safer and more secure.

Door Locks

Of course, it started with the door lock. Supposedly the first door lock was for the palace door in the city of Ninevah, followed closely by ancient Egyptians with wooden pin locks that were a remarkable model for the deadbolt lock of today’s home security systems. Tumbler locks and padlocks found their way into Roman cities, and by a few millennia later we had ourselves lever tumbler locks appearing in Europe in the 1700s. old lockThe double-acting lever lock was formed not long after, in which the lever had to be lifted precisely the right amount to allow entry. Eventually, we came to the deadbolt lock. Now we still tend to rely on deadbolt locks, but we make them fancier by dressing them up with electronics like smartphone locks.

Medieval Developments

But before all that development with the lock, there was medieval warfare. Home security was quite a huge deal in these turbulent times because someone breaking in basically meant that someone was taking over your land, your property, everything you had. It wasn’t like stealing your TV and Blu-Ray player. So they put up gates and moats and drawbridges and more to keep people out. Now we still have gates, but we’ve loosened up enough to let go of the moats and drawbridges – probably because burglars aren’t usually looking to take over the house. Local law enforcement probably wouldn’t be too amenable to that.

Home Alarm Systems

Again going back in time, we find ourselves approaching the first actual home alarm system! A Reverend Pope invented this system by rigging an electrical circuit that would cause a bell to ring when someone opened a secured door; he sold his patent number 9802 in a landmark move to the man who would become known as the Father of the Modern Security Industry, Edwin Holmes. Eventually we found our way to today’s home alarm systems with electronic ringing at 80+ decibels or silent, prerecorded telephone calls to our monitoring services. Which brings us to…

Home Monitoring Systems

Calahan. This man created the first central monitoring station for home security systems in the late 1800s. Monitoring services are now a critical part of home security because homeowners want to be able to count on someone to be there for them when they need it. We rely on home security monitoring to get us through when someone tries to break into our houses; they are the ones who keep a calm face and get the police to come our way.

Surveillance Systems

590268_41992492Marie Brown was the last substantial contributor to the modern security industry with her invention of the first visual surveillance system in the 1960s. She created a track to place a camera on so that it could look through peepholes and allow you to see out but no one else to see in. Now, that is exactly what home security cameras and video surveillance systems do for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The history of home security systems is full of detail and progress. Without home security for our ancestors, our own history would be quite different; we might not even have those places we call home. But with their combined contributions, we can sleep peacefully every night, knowing that our home security system is there to keep us safe. If you want to enjoy this protection to home and property in New York City call 866-565-4305 and speak with a local security expert today!